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Headstart English - Playing to Learn and Learning to Play!

Learning the English language at a young age gives your child a good start in education. It also helps to expand your child’s world in ways you cannot imagine. So, why not get your child to join in the language adventure at EMS Kids English and see the transformation for yourself. Watch your child’s confidence grow in days!


At EMS English, learners from as young as six, will experience lots of enjoyable ways to practise using English through simple, playful interactive activities. We guarantee tons of fun, sure to keep your child interested and continuously engaged!

Here we believe that every child matters. We know that each young learner is an individual requiring different levels of attention. So, we make sure that no child is left behind in the learning process through adopting a step-by step system of language acquisition that uses children’s natural skills and potential, enabling them to learn the language freely at their own pace.

We make English learning fun and easy by understanding the possibilities every child offers at play and naturally, during learning. That way we ensure that the child is able to recognise, explore and use the English language in an enjoyable and natural way.  

Through music, games, songs and physical movements, your child’s participation in the learning process will come naturally, as language patterns are continuously reinforced and practised throughout the course using many entertaining and participatory activities. Your child’s confidence and natural ability to respond to new discoveries, words and expressions will be boosted after days of connectivity via rhythm, melody and communication games!

Children aged 6 to 12 years old learning on EMS Kids English with our highly trained teachers will be following a syllabus as well as take part in experiential learning. They will build their language skills using:

  • Stimulating, fun and challenging materials that will make the most of their natural tendency to enquire and explore
  • A range of modern, integrated interactive language games
  • Vivid picture and word cards and course audio
  • Lots of repetitive exercises, practice and participatory learning
  • Modern reading materials and activities that teach them new phonics and help develop their reading skills


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